Thursday, February 16, 2012

A kitchen project for my husband

One of the interesting outcomes of my broken leg was that my husband has taken over the kitchen! I am not complaining, at all. I don't mind cooking but for the most part it is just something that needs to be done. My husband really took to cooking and baking for real when I broke my leg almost 2 years ago. He makes amazing dishes

So, the kitchen has become his domain.

We have a set of wire mesh drawers in the kitchen and it was just bugging my husband that you could see right through them to the contents inside.

He picked out a home dec fabric that matches the colors of the floor tiles with some red to pick up the red accents in the kitchen.

I used the home dec fabric and interfaced it with a fusible heavy weight stabilizer, worked off a paper pattern I made from the drawer fronts. The biggest challenge was in how to attach them to the wire drawers in a way that did not look sloppy or home made. After a bit of thought I made a mock up with a size 0 hook from a package of hooks and eyes. It worked great.

I hand sewed on two hooks to the upper part of each drawer front liner and squeezed them closed with a pair of pliers.

Final outcome: my hubby was very, very happy so I call it a success!

Not the most exciting project to work on but well worth making the hubby happy!

Tonight I'm off to m y Babylock dealer for my first class on my Evolution. :)

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