Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Baby Gift... Washcloths and bath blanket

A coworker of mine is expecting his first baby! Always an exciting time in ones life. I knew that I wanted to make something for the little guy that's on his way but I was not sure what.

My stash was housing a bunch of Winnie the Pooh fabric and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use up some of my Pooh bear stash. I had originally thought of making a quilt, I laid the fabric out for a couple of days, played with some ideas. However, no inspiration was forthcoming. Nothing, nada, zilch, I could muster no will or inspiration to work on a quilt.

However, I kept having images of bath time stuck in my head. Perhaps because when my daughter was a wee little one bath time was my favorite time. So, I decided to just go with it.

I bought some blue 100% cotton terry and made a multipurpose bath time, pool time, beach time blankie. One side is terry cloth with a little hoodie corner and the other side is my favorite of the Pooh Bear fabrics. I did some free motion quilting to hold it all together along with a nice edge stitch to keep it looking neat. I also decided to make several wash cloths to go along. These I served the terry cloth and the cottons together with some blue wooly nylon and a 3 thread wide overlock. I also did a little bit of free motion quilting to hold them together.

After finishing I washed everything in a little bit of Woollite and dried them on low just to make sure the served edges of the washcloths were going to hold up, as well as to make sure it was all clean for the new baby.

A fun, inspired and fairly quick sewing project! The only thing I am a bit bummed about is that on the big piece of terry cloth you can see a fairly large whitish area where it seems the blue dye did not take during manufacturing. Of course I did not even notice until I was just about finished with the project! Not sure how I missed that one...

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