Monday, February 13, 2012

Fabric Wall Art

We are in the finishing phases of a redoing our master bath and I needed something for the walls. An idea jumped out at me from the cover of the February 2012 Making Magazine. It was so simple yet striking. Old embroidery hoops with fabric in them. Yup that's it, so simple yet so inviting and modern and chic.

It just so happened that I had some extra embroidery hoops and even if I didn't they only cost about $1.29 full price. I also happened to have the fabric that we picked out and purchased for use in the bathroom for basket liners that we ended up deciding not to use. My hubby and I both really liked the fabric so decided what a fun way to still use it and showcase parts of the print we really liked, plus such an inexpensive project.

The bathroom is painted white and gray with accents of black. I love it! The toilet sits in a little alcove and over it are hung some glass shelves with lotions and perfumes and hair necessities. The 2 walls on either side are just these big blank gray spaces that need filling. This project took care of one of the walls. Due to the placement it really is not very conducive to getting a good picture! I did my best but it really doesn't seem to do it justice. At least you will get the idea.

This last picture is of the corner on the other side of the bathroom. We found these little shelves at Home Depot that really add a nice touch staggers up the small wall space. I really want to make a tiny soft sculptured bird to add to the little birdhouse.

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