Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vogue Tank Top

I have completed another piece of my 'Teal' collection.

This was from Vogue pattern #2864 . I was originally planning on making the dress view of this tank. It basically is just the same top pattern just with extensions to make it into a dress. I am glad that I rethought the idea of the dress and just did the top. That particular style of dress is not all that flattering on my body type (pear shape) I really much more prefer a wrap type dress on my body.

Anyway... I still like the top and felt I could use another piece to make the collection more versatile, The pattern actually called for cotton or linen type fabric. However, I decided to use my knit with the front outer piece in the chiffon fabric that I used for the lining of the jacket.

As usual, with Vogue, the 'easy' pattern was easy but not necessarily quick. It did require quite a bit of hand sewing. The top part is fully lined. SO I had to hand slip stitch the shoulders as well as hand stitch the entire lining to the under bust seam. I don't mind hand sewing and actually enjoyed the time sewing by hand. It was great practice to see how neat and accurate I could get my stitches. (I know, I know, something wrong with me sometimes).

The fit is nice, and it looks very good beneath the jacket as well as by itself with a pair of jeans. The upper back piece originally called for a zipper. However, since I decided to use a knit I eliminated the zipper and just cut the pattern on the fold. This made the back interesting with the seam lines but as you can see on the very upper back neck line there is a slight bit of gaping.

All in all, I am quite pleased with it.

My attempt at a self portrait in the mirror... Not the best picture, but captures the nice drapey, flatttery effect of the top. And shows nice fit in the bust/underarm area.

On the mannequin and with better light. This shows the color much better!

Closeup of the armhole area, showing the lining and nice 'invisible' hand stitching.

Back view

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