Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My latest pair of skinny crop pants

Before I left on vacation I started these pair of crop pants. They were re fashioned from a pair of Lee twill pants that I had used for week several years ago before the days of my needing to wear a suit everyday. They were also quite big on me and were just not flattering at all anymore.

This was my fist attempt at drastically altering a pair of pants and I am happy with the results.

I took just under 4 inches off from the sides seams (for a total of 8 inches less from the hip down and tapered to about 5 inches less at the waist) I also then cut off about 12 inches from the bottom.

Re-hemmed them and used the extra fabric to make 3 patch pockets. 1 large normal size pocket that I added to the right rear. (only had fake welt pockets on back) and then I made 2 smaller patch pockets that I added on the left hip and right thigh at random placement. Added a nice touch of interest but kept it subtle due to the tone on tone to not draw the eye to much to my ample hips!

I am happy with the re-fashion! I now have a new pair of croppants from an old pair of too big work khakis.

new pants, cropped and pockets added.

Back patch pocket added, covering the fake welt pocket.

Super cute! :)

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