Friday, July 24, 2009

What have I been working on...

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me on all fronts!! So not too much!

However, I have still managed to eek in some time for some projects.

The first one was a door curtain for Melissa. The apartment she is in is a bit on the small side and the door to her bedroom is a pocket door that I don't think works all that great. So I made her a door curtain to hang for some privacy. She recently got a new bed set and it had some valences included in it. I used 2 of the valances up top and sewed them to a long piece of Blue heavy weight twill. (Help keep out the light)
I cheated and just did a quick hem to the bottom and top. then folded the top down a couple of inches to make a pocket for the curtain bar. I left the selvages on the long side edges. Easy peasy. Now she just needs to hang it up and enjoy, and take a picture!

I also did some mending work, replace buttons and such. Nothing exciting there.

I am currently working on a new top and should have it done this weekend!

Oh... and I re-arranged my sewing room to make the space more usable for me :) Always gets my creative juices flowing when I re-arranged things and change it up.

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