Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Sheetz!!

I couldn't help myself with the title! hehe

I was lying in bed the other night feeling a little miffed. My 2 favorite sets of fitted bed sheets just won't stay on the bed anymore and the extra 'cheap' set that I put on the bed just felt uncomfortable.

My hubby thinks me to be a bit crazy when I made this observation out loud to him. I asked him if the sheets where uncomfortable to him as well, and I just got a look.

So, I started thinking about it. My 2 favorite sets are 100% cotton with a very high thread count that I undoubtedly bought on super duper sale or I would not have gotten them! My extra 'cheap' set is from wal-mart or some similar place and while it fits the mattress and never even moves, is a poly-cotton blend, and if I dare say is a bit like sleeping on heat reflecting cardboard. YUCKY.
I know, I know... maybe I am being a bit prissy here.

SO to solve my dilemma of my nice sheets that keep falling off the bed and never stay in place and wind up wrapped around my dear hubby instead of under him, I added 10inch pieces of 2 inch wide elastic to all four corners. And I am hoping this does the trick to keep them firmly in place. If not... I was thinking that I could also maybe add some velcro tabs to about midway down the long side to tuck in and velcro to under the mattress. I will wait and play that one by ear.
wide elastic sewn to the corners of my favorite fitted sheet.
On another note... I have been working on another project to complete my 'ensemble'. However, right in the middle of it my serger decided to misbehave and started eating my fabric instead of nicely trimming it. So off it went to the local Sew and Vac shop to have the knives sharpened and a general tune up as well. 79.95$ later and it is back in my sewing room and ready to finish up the last of the 'ensemble' project. Just a hint the last 3 pieces are a knit pant, short sleeved top and a cardigan.
I am also toying with the idea of making a handbag to go with it as well.

I will post the pictures as soon as I am done with them!

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