Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kicking off 2019 with 3 Knit Tops!

To kick off the new year, and my birthday, I decided to do a couple quick projects.
AND in an effort to remedy my lack of blogging in 2018 I am attempting to share more and not worry about being a perfectionist.

All 3 are knit tops and well needed additions to my winter wardrobe.The first of the three is the yellow long sleeve tee. The knit is a cotton knit from EmmaOneSock. It is a nice beefy knit that holds the shape of the fun sleeves quite well. I technically finished this on December 29th to wear for my birthday :) 

On my birthday dinner I paired this relatively simple top with a silk scarf and my wool cashmere skirt. It was quite a fun and happy outfit. The only drawback to those sleeves is that you need to take care when eating to not get them in your plate!

The second long sleeve tee is this red and purple one. Both of the fabrics were leftovers from previous projects. It is the same pattern as the yellow one with a couple small tweaks to the back armsyce and back shoulder. These small tweaks have made for a better fit and less excess fabric. The red is a rayon knit and the purple is a bamboo knit, both so very soft and comfy!

The last of the new tops is a modified Stella from Linda Lee. I have had this in my pattern rotation for many years. The one I currently have in my closet is starting to show some wear so I used a sweater knit from Marcy Tilton to make a new one. This top is a bit oversized with drop shoulders and a comfy V insert in the front that is cut on the bias. 

What’s on my sewing table now? A trio of nice ponte and double knits to try making an outfit from. I have some ideas about making a knit jacket but possibly using my regular jacket pattern since it is a very stable knit. The brain is working away on some fun ideas!

Happy Sewing!
PS- using a new blog app on my iPad to try to make my life easier! Hopefully this goes well.

One of my favorite pics from over the holidays! My sister came and spent the week, it was wonderful :)


  1. Great knit tops! I'm always wary of those larger sleeves as I tend to catch them on things. he photo at the end of the three of you is lovely.

  2. Happy Birthday! Your tops look great. Can't wait to see the ponte and double knits sewn up.

  3. Nice tops! I know how much tops can give your wardrobe a much need boost.


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