Sunday, October 25, 2015

My first fashion show! Creating Memories

Yesterday I participated in my first fashion show! No, it wasn't in Braynt park in NYC but it was just as much fun in my mind:)

It was actually at a banquet hall in the Chicago Suburbs... Far from the center of New York City, LOL!!

This was the 26th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon for the Chicago Chapter of the American Sewing Guild called Creating Memories.

My daughter and her best friend came along to cheer me on :)

I had 2 submissions. One was part of our neighborhood group submission and one was a solo submission. It was great, great fun and very warm, supportive and welcoming. 

So,thanks to my daughter and her friend for these lovely pics!

First up is a picture of some of our members from the Sew Chicago group.
Top L: Wendy Grossman,group leader. Top R & Bottom L: Liz Houlihan. Bottom R: Carolyn Angelopoulos. Awesome to have participation with friends!

For our group challenge we choose to do a Spoonflower fabric challenge. We all used a fabric design from the same designer called 'entangled'. The challenge was the at least 70% of the garment had to use the challenge fabric. This was a super fun challenge!
L-R, Linda Anders, Liz Houlihan, me (Steph King) and Susan Gerbosi

We were one of 4 neighborhood groups to participate in the group challenge. Originally we had six entries. However, unforeseen complications along with late nights and lots of cussing, dropped us down to 4. I think we rocked the challenge! 

Here are some more pictures of me walking the runway in my outfits. The runway was set up in a cross configuration with tables all around so everyone had good views. We had to walk onto the stage, to the end and then across both cross pieces all while smiling, walking slowly and deliberately and showing the details of the garment. There was great commentary for all 60+ submissions. The commentary came from a combination of information from the submission form as well as from Wendy Grossman. It was neat to walk the runway while hearing details about your garment and yourself. There was also a professional photographer so he had you stop just at the end of the runway so he could take your photo.

Here is my Spoonflower group challenge. 

Here I am in my pink wool dress and jacket. 

I promise to have full blog reviews of both these outfits soon! They have both been done for a while but I wanted to wait until after the fashion show. 

The other fun part of the entire afternoon were the raffles. I spent 25$ for raffle tickets. 5$ for a quilt with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity and 20$ for the regular raffles. I think this was a good investment since I won a 100$ gift card to a local shop and a basket of knitting supplies, including yarn, needles, books, etc..  Hmmmm, maybe know I really need to learn to knit! 

I look forward to participating in this fun fashion show again next fall! 


  1. You were great, Steph. I'm hoping you'll show in a certain other fashion show in the spring, as well as next fall.


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