Friday, October 9, 2015

DIY special gift wrapping for a bridal shower!

A non-sewing DIY!! I don't usually write about DIY. Probably because I don't usually do too much DIY! 
The last big DIY projects was all for my daughters wedding over 2 years ago. We did a lot of DIY for that weekend party! 

Recently, I had a little DIY inspiration and fun. It just was a feel good afternoon!
A couple of weeks ago I had a bridal shower to attend. The soon to be bride is one of my daughters best friends. In fact, my daughter is her matron of honor for the wedding ceremony. 

I wanted to have special gift wrapping. The bride was registered at bed, bath and beyond and as I feared 90% of the gifts at the shower were wrapped in BB&B free gift wrapping. There is nothing wrong with that, it does the job.However, I feel that it is totally impersonal, it feels rather lackadaisical and boring. 

The brides colors are burgundy, navy and cream and try as I did, I could not find any paper to do justice to the beautiful bride! So... I went all DIY!!! And made my own gift wrap.

I started with plain brown textured craft paper, a craft paper bag, a can of spray paint and paper flowers. Along with some craft glue and a couple other pretty paper crafts I found myself having a super fun time creating a masterpiece. 

The paper flowers were all white and off white. So I cot off a big piece of craft paper, laid the paper flowers on it and hit it with the spray paint. Luckily for me the weather was nice and I could do this out on my potting bench in the backyard. 

I used craft glue and glued the paper goodies to the top to enhance the pretty paper, I also added the navy bows and ribbon to add in that color as well.

The second portion of the project was the gift bag. I used the spray paint to also spray the paper filler for the bag. 

I think this project turned out quite beautiful!!

The bride really enjoyed the wrapping and you could see the joy in her eyes! It is nice to be able to make someone feel special with just a little extra work. Truth be told, this was not an inexpensive project because I had to purchase everything except the craft glue! Of course I had run out of my stash of craft bags and brown paper several months ago and I only had the wrong color spray paints! Oh well, it was very worth it!!

The beautiful bride to be!

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