Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Silhouette Lana Jeans pattern strikes again! New jeans and Capri pants

I've made a new pair of skinny (well, sort of skinny!) jeans and a pair of Capri pants.

Once again I've used Silhouette's Lana jeans pattern. This is definitely my go to jeans and casual pants pattern. I have made these multiple times, in fact I believe this is my most used pattern ever! As of now I have used this 9 times with 3 of these being Capri pants or long shorts, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 pairs of boot cut, 1 pair of courdoroys and 1 pair straight leg jeans.

The thing I find most interesting about making jeans is the sheer variety of the denim available, the varying qualities of these denims, the varying fiber makeup and the biggest is the varying fit of all of these different textiles. In fact the last 2 pairs of skinny jeans I have made have both been made with exactly the same measurements and with denim of the exact same fiber count but from different producers and the fit is different in both. The latest pair I made have a slightly roomier fit through the seat and thighs. I always baste the side seams after sewing the inseams to check any changes in fit.

I recently purchased a very high quality 100% cotton grey denim. I am thinking of making these with some tone on tone embroidery on the pockets and possible at the lower outside leg. This will be a fun project and tone on tone embroidery will be interesting without being crazy looking!

The jeans I always make with the coin pocket, embroidered back pockets and of course belt loops. The embroidery on these back pockets are from an Anita Goodesign quilting design. Totally fun!

Eek... Sorry for the bad call phone in the mirror pics!!!

The capris/shorts/clam diggers I leave off the coin pocket, back pockets and belt loops. These have all been made out of stretch wovens, not actual denim so I wanted them to be different. I have also cut the legs slightly narrower in these.

In all of my casual pants I always have fun with the pocket linings! The jeans have a traveler theme with antique map and compass cotton print. The purple capri's have a bright stylized butterfly cotton print.
These fun prints make me happy and I use all kinds of fabric for them. This time is cotton prints but I have used silk and poly prints as well.

I know the pictures of me in the garments are not the best.... However, hopefully with daylight savings and with hopefuly spring on its way it will be easier for me to set up the tripod outside on nice days! 

Happy sewing!
My granddaughter at the Chicago Art Insitute enjoying a Monet!

Me holding her on the metra train into the city. I'm so in LOVE!!


  1. You can make j-j-j-jeans? Holy cow! Is there anything you can't do? They look so much better than anything I've seen in stores. The embroidery is awesome.

    1. Thanks!! Last year when I got sick of spending lots of money on ill fitting jeans i decided that's enough! I learned to make my own :) so happy I did, saves lots of money and countless hours in stupid store dressing rooms.

  2. Wow! Your embroidery on these is amazing! Jeans are on my list for this year, but I can't seem to find a denim I like. Your purple capris are fantastic.

  3. Wow! Your embroidery on these is amazing! Jeans are on my list for this year, but I can't seem to find a denim I like. Your purple capris are fantastic.


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