Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mixing business travel and sewing

As some of you may know I travel on a regular basis for week. Normally, I am on a plane every week and can be gone anywhere from 1 to 3 nights and several times a year can be gone longer for industry trade shows and sales meetings. 

This can make it challenging to get a lot of time in the sewing room! I have to make sure and have a nice balance of family time and sewing time...

In order for this to work for me I try to take 'sewing' on the road with me. 

I bring sewing books: 

I bring my sketch book and pencils. Although, I'm really not so good at the drawing/sketching at what I see in my mind.... Things somehow never ever even come close to looking like they do in my mind! It is usually enough to jog my memory and get my point across to myself.
I also bring my Crafsty classes with me. I use the app in my iPad and love the download feature that lets me watch my downloaded classes on the airplane. Also quite nice to have when nothing to watch on the TV in hotel rooms!

If I'm going to be on the road for a couple of days and don't have any evening dinners to attend then I will also bring patterns to cut out and do flat pattern adjustments to and sometimes I will even pack my fabric and good scissors to cut out my fashion fabric or muslin.

All of these things let me take sewing with me and lallows for studio sewing time for when I am at home! 

If I'm in a major city for a couple of days I always check out what fabric shops are around and even if the local museums are having any fashion exhibits! I've gotten to shop and some great palaces this way and having a time constraint means I don't spend hours wandering through the shops with my brain in the clouds dreaming of all the grand things I could make and probably helps keep me on budget!!

How do you take sewing with you when traveling? 

Had a wonderful weekend, even got to finish up the turtles for my granddaughter;)

She was having fun playing with the naked turtle before I put the shell on!

Waiting for me in my studio...

Infinity scarves to be finished

And I need to finish the neckline on this top, the sleeves are in but finished to a 3/4 length, the hems are completed and just need to finish the neckline! 

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