Monday, April 8, 2013

Finished! Cynthia Guffey Jacket J 5054 and Skirt seminar

I finished my Cynthia Guffey Jacket J5054 this week! Added bonus was that Cynthia was in town for. The sewing and quilt expo so I got to wear it for her. Always nice to be able to show off a successful garment to the pattern creator, a total win- win feeling!

I had my husband take a couple pictures of me in it. Of course this was at the end of the day after wearing it to and from the expo, sitting for lectures, etc... I see in the pictures that it is a little wrinkled in the back, but not bad. It was quite windy out so please excuse the crazy hair and in the pic of the front I am holding it closed cause the wind was whipping. The fronts really do match up perfectly! In fact of all the work on this jacket the only thing I need to change is the button placement for the hidden tab, it needs to move over a quarter inch more so the tab does not show at all.

Wile Cynthia Guffey was here I signed up for a 1 day straight skirt fitting seminar. We were a small group of 6 women and paired up for the day. Cynthia had mock-ups or muslins made of her straight skirt pattern in the three different size options and we used those to work from. It was a great all day class and I learned much about fitting skirts and how to read muslins and of course how to make changes to muslins to fix them. Cynthia first did a demonstration and then we each got to work with our partners in fitting each other. With the small class size we had plenty of one on one with Cynthia for questions and answers. Near the end of the class, we were able to take the muslins and transfer all the markings to our own patterns, which were included in the price of the class.

I'm bummed that I did not get a before and after picture of me in the unfitted and fitted muslins. It was amazing to me how great the fitted muslins looked, so darn flattering. I've now lost over 36lbs so we also had a discussion on changing fit over time and how to start from a jump off point and not from scratch.

One of these days I hope to make it to one of her 4 day fitting/sewing classes. I think that would be very educational!

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