Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bridal shower sewing and embroidery projects

I figured I needed to break my Bridal Shower post into 2 posts. Otherwise it would just have been overload!!

I did some additional sewing for the bridal shower in the form of gifts. (Besides the center pieces, rosette, luggage make overs and the zillion luggage tags that I made as the favors! I will do a separate post on the luggage tags later)

The first was the gifts for the bridal party from the bride to be given at the shower. (She also has a special gift planned to give them at the wedding) My daughter wanted to give her girls something special and unique that they could use for more than just the wedding. So we decided to go with a set of chic travel accessory bags, that include a set of shoe bags, a lingerie bag and a laundry bag to be used while traveling. This project was based off the Anita Goodesign Chic travel Accessories project with some slight modifications. I had lots of fun working with my daughter on picking out the fabrics for each girl and then mixing and matching designs for them.

I made 5 sets of these Chic Travel Bags! (Now i think i need to make 2 more! one for the bride to-be and one for me!) One for the Maid of Honor, 2 for the bridesmaids, 1 junior bridesmaid and 1 for the flower girl. The included designs on the CD were varied enough that we could tailer the design appropriately for the age.

My niece, Ashley, the maid of honor.

Ashley also received the beaded sash that I worked on earlier this year. This will make her dress just a little different and special than the other girls.

Julinda, bridesmaid, Melissa's best friend since grade school!

KellyAnn, bridesmaid, another of Melissa's very good friends.

Adrianna, Junior Bridesmaid, my other niece. :)

My very happy and beautiful daughter!

The other bit of sewing that I did was to make this fun set of drink towels for my daughter as fun shower gift! I picked up the towels at the Sewing and Quilt Expo a couple weeks ago from a vendors I believed named All About Blanks. The towels are linen and already had the border on them. All I needed to do was to add the embroidery! I am very happy with how these turned out!
I had some minor glitches sewing out the designs and took good pictures of the boo-boos before fixing them so I can ask 'why's from the experts at the sewing shop this Friday.

I am relieved that the shower is done! Now I need to start working on the rest of the sewing and DIY wedding projects. I sure cant wait to share those!! Maybe I'll even get to fit in some sewing just for me :)

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