Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Bridal Shower- Vintage Travel Theme

This past weekend was my daughters bridal shower. I am beyond happy with how well everything turned out. The decorations were simply beautiful, the restaurant had perfect service and delicious food, the guests enjoyed themselves and the Bride to-be was beaming!

Melissa, the bride, in the center with her bridal party.

3 generations: my daughter, my mom and me!

The success to the Vintage Travel themed bridal shower was all in the decorations and favors.
These included: 3 vintage suitcases, 2 of which had the insides re-done. 12 vintage red and white scarves. Large cardboard 3- dimensional letters with fabric scraps and modge podge, Various glass vessels, 10 circle serger lace edged center pieces, vintage map, vintage pictures and lots of imagination! The best part luggage tag favors with a bag of chocolates.
The brides wedding colors are red and white.

The welcome table!

Extra large cardboard letters covered in fabric scraps and midge podge. (The letters are the bride and grooms first initials) between the initials is a poster made from a vintage map of Idaho with a fabric heart over Stanley, Idaho where they will be getting married. Pictures of the bride and groom together gave it a personal touch. Under it all are the circles of fabric with the serger lace edging. All strewn with red and white rose petals.

To go with the travel theme the seating cards were labeled as 'Check -In' and each table had a vintage mode of travel pictured and I had the names laid out in front of smaller matching pictures. The name cards were printed with a vintage map background.

Vintage small suitcase with printed vintage postcard fabric re-done on the inside. This vintage samsonite was used to collect postcards the guest were ask to fill out. The postcards included area for the guest to give some advice to the bride and a space. for their favorite travel destination. Everyone had fun with these!

The round larger hat box case was for decoration and to carry supplies. The second larger suitcase that has the inside re-done with compass fabric was used as a substitute for the traditional wishing well! Guests were asked to bring a small unwrapped item that they can't travel without! Super fun!!

To carry on the theme, I made 'Baggage Claim' signs for the gift table. After all the bride had to claim all of her gifts!

Large rosette to decorate the brides chair! This was made from vintage ribbons and lace that I have had for a very, very long time. Most of them were from my grandmothers stash.

The center pieces on the tables consisted of 2 different sized serger lace edged circles, 2 glass vessels with vintage scarves stuffed in them and rose petals strewn about. In front of each place setting is the favor. A fabric luggage tag I made with Moda fabric 'Town Names' canvas and Moda red with white polka dots canvas. Tied to the luggage tag is a small bag filled with chocolates in red and silver wrappers.

Another of the tables, showing the decorations and the table travel theme. There where 4 tables. Airliner, Cruise Ship, Passenger Train and Greyhound Super coach.

In the luggage tag was an insert that has the wedding date with the bride and grooms initials on a map background. There are lines on the back of the card for name,phone, and address for the guests to use.

Of course we had to have one of the bridesmaids make the rehearsal bouquet from the ribbons and bows off of the gifts.

KellyAnn with Melissa and her Rehearsal ribbon and bow bouquet!

Up close of the center pieces from the practice run at home.

The giant rosette that I made from vintage ribbons and lace! This was a fun craft project that I D&I while watching Downton Abbey, excellent inspiration. :)

All of the ladies in my family! My mom came in from Delaware, my sister from Mississippi, my niece (the maid of honor) and my sister-in-law from New Jersey and the bride to -be and I from Illinois. It was so great to have all of us together! I am blessed.

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