Friday, October 26, 2012

Stella and Luna Tops by Sewing Workshop revisited

I decided to try Stella again. I like the pattern but have decided that if I make it again I will have to change the grain line of the front piece.

Here are some very awkward self photos in the hotel's room giant mirror! The color is a little yellowy in the first 2 photos. The bottom pictures show the real color better. I wore this all day today and am very happy with it and best of all had several compliments :)

This time I made Stella using a nice sweater knit and it sewed up just as beautifully as when I made it in the rayon woven. The directions for setting in the V cowl are very good and both versions have turned out perfect. I did make several changes from last time I made it.

- I used a smaller size for the neck, shoulders, vowel and sleeves and graded to a larger size for the hips area.
- I changed the sleeve circumference by almost 2 inches and made them much more narrow. With them at the original size it really looked very funny in the knit, I also had to shorten the sleeves considerably. I don't know any woman who haves arms that long!
- I eliminated the center back seam, my body doesn't need the extra shaping at the back waist for a knit. I prefer having my clothes hang straight down the back for this style of top.
- I lengthened the bodice by 2 inches because I wanted to wear this with black knit stretch pants and wanted to make sure my bum is covered.
- I used a combination of the walking foot on my Symphony and a 4 thread overlock on my Evolution Serger. The hems for bodice and sleeves were done with a narrow 2 thread cover stitch.

Other than the little flip at the center front, I am VERY Happy. The good thing is that the front thing really is not noticeable when the shirt is worn so not a big deal. Just bugs me...
In the picture below you can see my crude drawing of where the flip originates from. I think if I make this again sometime in the future I will put the center front lower portion on grain and stabilize the V portion with stay tape and that should fix things.

Below you can see the 'flip' at the center front seam in the first version I made.

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