Thursday, August 25, 2011

More beach wear

Long time no post! In fact I finished 2 more beach coverups before we left for our vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

One was a fairly simple one for Melissa, it was a simple wrap that goes around the waist and ties. I simply took a wrap that we had folded it in half and placed it along the fold of the fabric and traced around with a dressmakers wax marker. I cut it out and served all around the edges. Done!

A great simple project, considering that the original one was bought several years ago for 35-40$.

The bad news is that my serger is still not working properly. It is fine for a rolled edge and a 3 thread seam finish but the 4 thread is not working and I have already broke the stitching finger off of the throat plate for the 4 thread option. I think it may be time to start researching new sergers and keep this one for rolled edges and seam finishes only.

The other beach wear project was a second coverup for me. I am pretty happy with this one and once again had so e fun with the embellishments. I sewed the ribbon along the neckline edge from hem to hem and then added a second ribbon on top of it from bustline to bustline and left these loose below a set of buttons to tie closed. I then also added several other decorative ribbons with metal beads for decoration as well as for added weight. Adding these embellishments kept the coverup from looking like bedroom wear and gave it some substance so it would not blow away in a breeze.

For this I started with an old early 1980's pattern for a kimono style evening jacket and I modified it quite a bit. Adding in large triangle godets into the side seams for a flowy look. I also did not use any facings, just a serged and then rolled hem with the ribbon along the front.

The pictures are not the best.... My camera was misbehaving, but you can get a good idea.

- Steph... From my iPad

Location:Newark Airport, NJ

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