Friday, June 25, 2010

Knitting project number 2

I have started on my next project and have decided to go with another knitting project, as well as another scarf. Although this is more of a fashion accessory scarf vs my last project which was more utilitarian.

A friend of mine gave me a bag full of baby girl yarns in white, pink and lavender. I really don't have much use for baby girl yarns... so I have had to get a bit creative. I do know plenty of women both young and old and middle age as well! 

In the book I have used to learn this process of knitting it had an example of a scarf that had an accent yarn knitted in the first 4 or 5 inches of both ends. So I decided to go with this technique with the lavender yarn to make it more grown up and playful.

I have only started on the first couple of inches but am pleased with the results so far! 

The lavender baby yarn

 The multi-colored eyelash fun yarn

The 2 knit together

Mel: loving her new winter scarf!!

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