Monday, November 26, 2018

Hong Kong, here I come! The final wardrobe.

I almost got everything sewn that I wanted to for my impending Hong Kong trip! Other than my undergarments, bathing suit and a last minute grab of a super light windbreaker,  I am bringing a fully me-made wardrobe!

Holly cow! I made that happen and each one of the garments were made just for this trip. AND it is all in a single carry on suitcase. The method to my madness was to make the items I thought I would like and then yesterday afternoon I used my dressform and me to see what articles of clothing would work with each other. Along with the items I had made, I also pulled out things from my closet that would also work. I should have taken a picture of my living space... clothes were everywhere!

I ended up with 2 skirts, 2 pants, 6 tops and 2 layering/outerwear pieces.
Both skirts are my own patterns. Variations of my a-line pattern.
Pants- one is the Hudson pant joggers, the second (not pictured) is Jen Stern Ponte jeans- Both highly modified to suit me.
Tops: 4 Versions of Jen Stern Tee- Black waffle wool knit, Black stretch lace over yellow, white/black/gray print and multi color print.
The grey with yellow hearts- my base knit tee pattern and the solid yellow one is same base pattern but with the neckline of the Easy V express tee.
2 layering/outerwear pieces are the striped pull over cardigan and the grey and camo knit single button cardigan.

Skirt one with different tops. The lovely short sleeve jacket did not make the cut! Even though it looks fabulous. It was just too bulky to fit in and I really didn't want to crush it up and smush it into a packing cube. So it is staying home, safe and sound and will be pulled back into rotation this coming spring.

The gray single button cardigan is not my favorite pattern. I will have to re-work it and get better shaping before I make another one. The skirt portion is great but the front bodice looks droopy to me. Possibly because I am used to much closer fitting garments. This is meant to be worn as an outer wear layer so It will do its duty just fine!

Skirt 2 with different tops-

Pants one, which are my airplane pants and lounging pants. Pants two are a pair of Ponte Jeans with a slight boot cut and which I somehow missed getting any pictures of. Probably because they are black with a tiny white dashes so they will go with every top I am bringing!
 These combination of garments actually give me more outfits than the 13 days that I will be away. Which is good in case something gets dirty or I just want to wear more than one thing each day!

Skirt one with tops- minus the yellow short sleeve jacket

Skirt two with tops- again minus the jacket

Pants one, grey camo joggers, with assorted tops. Pants two actually goes with every single top I am bringing.
Along with these, I am bringing one set of PJ's and one bathing suit.
Only 2 pairs of shoes both are dressy/fancy sneakers and a pair of flip flops for the pool.

And of course, I packed plenty of snacks in my carry on suitcase and in my backpack :)

Uber is scheduled for 5:05 am so off to bed with me! I will be posting photos on Instagram while I am away, You can find me there as siouxzeegirl.


  1. WOW! That's a nice travel wardrobe! I love the colors/prints you chose.

  2. Steph, have a fabulous trip and safe travels! You have been so busy trip sewing and everything looks great! Have fun ... Mollie (formerly from Chicago)


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