Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My Sewing Space- Part 2

If you missed part 1 of My Sewing Space. you can find it HERE.

Now onto Part 2!
My collection of assorted pincushions!

In part 1 of this post I shared my fabric,pattern,button storage along with other things that occupy my office/sewing space. This post will show you the rest of my space, whee my machines are,my cutting area and more storage. We sure do have a lot of 'stuff' to go along with this wonderful hobby!
The view of the dining nook are where I have 2 smaller tables set back to back with my BabyLock Symphony and the Babylock Ovation serger. These are my main machines. I have a TV set up that has access to cable as well as DVD/Blue ray player (great for sewing dvd's!) plus access to the internet so I can watch craftsy classes and other items of that sort while I am sewing.

The apartment that I moved into this past May has a lovely dining area/nook. Room for a table as well as a pantry/dry bar/storage area. This is primarily my sewing space!
This view shows the dry bar/pantry area. On the counter is my embroidery machine and my tools that I like to keep very handy. You can also see down the hallway to the entrance and my pressing station.

 When I moved, I used that opportunity to really simplify and downsize my life. I realized that for a single woman I did not need all the stuff that ad accumulated over the years.
I have very high ceilings which helps to maximize the light from the slider doors and windows in the main living room. From here you can also see my kitchen area.

Another view looking towards my kitchen and living room. I love the canvas prints that I had made and are hanging in my sewing area of my mom, me, my daughter and my granddaughter. They make me smile!

Close up of my machine tables.

On both sides of the tables I have hung up cork and magnetic boards. I use these for part inspiration and part keeping things handy! 

This is a nice white board/cork board combo. I use the white board to jot down my next steps in a project and also to jot down things that come to mind that I want to capture.

The main kitchen area is quite large enough for everything that I could I ever need to store in a kitchen and the large island with bar overhang was all that I needed for an eating space. It also doubles as a wonderful cutting and work area.
The island is perfect size for my jumbo 72 inch cutting mat! When it is not in use it slides behind the work table in the other room with my fabric storage.

As you can clearly see here, there is a wonderful overhang which makes thins island a perfect eating space as well. I have 4 lovely stools that fit perfectly in this space.

I love being in my main living area while working on my creations! It makes me happy, keeps my creativity flowing and just feels good. I know this type of set-up is not for everyone. However, for me, in this time of my life, it suits me perfectly.

Back to the dry bar/pantry. 80% of the space in this built in is used for sewing storage!

There are 2 pull out drawers. This one has pattern weights, sticky notes, sketching tools, machine needles, beeswax and etc.. in it.

This second drawer has all types of fusible tapes for knits and wovens of different weights. It also houses all of my ribbons and trims :)

I try to keep my collection of trims confines to this one box. It helps me to keep from going overboard with them.I think they are sooooo lovely! However, I dont always know what to do with them!

The main upper cabinet houses my machines feet, zipper bin, all the serger threads, both regular and decorative, an elastic bin and snaps/other closures bin. on the very top is a partial bolt of knit for making knit muslins and tester garments.

The upper cabinet on the tall portion has all of my pressing paraphernalia. Sleeve boards, seam sticks, pressing rolls, several hams and press cloths. The middle section is bolts of woven muslin fabrics. and the top has items i dont use that much. Hidden behind the paper towels are a bin with beads and sequins, the bias tape maker machine and some patterns that my daughter is interested in using someday. The lower half of this cabinet (not pictured) has my household items like cleaning supplies, irons and a handy man kit and electric drill. 

The bottom cupboards have a bin for fusible interfacings, under-linings and lining materials.

The second lower cupboard is all the embroidery paraphernalia to go with the embroidery machine sitting above it. There are threads, stabilizers and all sort of cd's with embroidery designs..

This is a shot of the items I like handy! Markers and pens for pattern drafting and tracing. The little fabric bin has small rulers and seam guides, marking pens, pencils and the like. There are also some glues and seam sealant in there.

And here are my favorite tape dispensers! Of course a pink one and the other is a most adorable and fun elephant given to me by my niece for a Christmas present!

Last but not least...My bookcase! When I say that I downsized when I moved, I mean I really downsized!! I used to keep every single book that I read. I had hundreds of them, several bookcases full. I donated almost all of my novels and really only kept a select few. A good 50% of this bookcase is sewing related! 
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I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my Sewing Space! It sure was a lot of fun to share it with you!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. You have a very organized set up there. I really like the natural light from the windows and the extra bar where you store sewing items. Also...the vintage sewing machine!


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