Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer recap and time to get back to blogging!

My summer blogging hiatus has come to an end! I feel so energized after taking the break, now time to get back to writing and documenting!

Here is a quick recap of my summer. Still a couple weeks to go, but once the neighborhood kids start gearing up for school it seems like fall is not far away.

- spent lots of time with this little Princess! Celebrated her First birthday!! Holy cow that year went by fast. Visited the zoo and saw a baby zebra, had photos taken at the Morton Arboretum, and gosh, was she excited that she could climb up into her own little Darth Vader chair!! So funny!! She keeps me young at heart :) 

- celebrated my mom's 70th birthday, had a great big surprise birthday bash!! And dye REALLY was surprised!! 

- enjoyed some beverages ;)

- did a bit of sewing. 2  pairs of work pants, several shells, a summer top, linen crop pants and a jacket plus several other garments in the works! 

- a few sewing related things. Sew Chicago ASG meetings, visiting the Chicago History Museum and some pattern work. All great fun!

- started getting my butt in gear and going for power walks! Need to burn off the calories from all those yummy beverages! Know what I mean???

- and a bit of traveling! I've been to Miami,   Atlanta, Orlando, Philadelphia, Teaneck (NJ) ,NYC, Anaheim, Stewartsville (NJ), Boston, Hampton Beach (NH) and Greensboro (NC). Actually, on my way to Greensboro as I type!

Stay tuned for some more detailed posts on my sewing projects. 

I hope everyone else had a great summer or winter for those down under! 

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