Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New bloggers, New Friends

This year has seen a big change for me in my sewing in several ways.

1. I have taken my skills to a whole new level by studying regularly with Sarah Veblen.
2. I have joined the ASG Chicago Chapter and have become a member of the Sew Chicago Neighborhood group. Finally!!! A sewing group of like minded peers all interested in garment sewing.
3. I have also joined the Haute Couture Club of Chicago. Meetings start in September and I think this will be another great group.
4. I have made sewing friends, not just acquaintances but actual friends! And it is nice, so very, very nice. 

Why have I made these changes... Well, frankly I was tired of store sponsored sewing clubs where a lot of the time was spent on advertisements and pushy sales. As well as there not really being a cohesive group. Yes, everyone was interested in sewing! However, not everyone is interested in the same type of sewing. I know you all get what I'm saying here, so I'm saying no more!

Suffice it to say, one thing lead to another and this year things began to change. It feels good to not be in such an isolated sewing environment anymore. No offense meant to the online sewing community!! The online sewing community is great. Offering inspiration and plenty of guidance to those who need/want it and sometimes it's just lovely to keep tabs on what's going on in our cyber friends workrooms! Helps,keep the sewing mojo in high gear :)

I have 2 new blogs to introduce you to:

Sarah Veblen
Sarah is an amazing teacher (and an amazing person!). If you ever have the opportunity to work with her I assure you that you will not be disappointed. She has so much knowledge to share. She has classes on Pattern Review, Taunton press now has several classes/DVD's to offer and be sure to check her website for her sewing workshops. 

Wendy Grossman
Wendy is a friend that I have made in Chicago. She is in charge of the Sew Chicago Neighborhood group, works on the Haute Couture Club fashion show, is a very talented sewer and now has started a blog. Stop on over and check it out she has some very lovely garments that you can just see the love and hard work that went into creating them!

I hope you will check out both of their blogs! 

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Thanks so much Steph. I couldn't be happier that you found your way to Sew Chicago and I can't wait for our next class together with Sarah Veblen.


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