Sunday, November 16, 2014

No sewing for me. Strep Throat

All my lovely sewing plans for this weekend went out the window. Last week as I was traveling through western PA and NY, I started developing a sore throat. My first thought was buggers... Another virus. :( 

Well, as it turns out I have a nasty case of  Strep Throat. Ugh! The dead giveaway was the overwhelming feeling of fire in the back of my throat and the fact that cold meds did not a thing to make me feel better. 

Saturday morning I tried having my hubby call my doctors office to get me an appointment. Turns out my doctors office no longer has Saturday hours. Double buggers. Now what? I sure did not want to go to the emergency room. Then I remembered all the TV commercials for CVS minute clinic! Thre was one 10 mins from my house, I got there and in 10 mins was seeing a nurse practitioner told her my concerns of strep. She took my vitals, swabbed my throat and 10 mins later there was a positive result and I had a prescription for penicillin. 

Was actually quite an easy experience especially when feeling crappy. 

Now I am sitting in my Jammie's with a hot cup of tea trying to relax. 

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