Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall/Winter Sewing plans... Or maybe grand ideas or fleeting dreams to be clutched...

Ok, ok, ok....

I know I said I wasn't going to share this for total fear of failure and unfulfilled promises. However, I am woman and have every right to change my mind at will ;) just ask my hubby... He knows this well!

So here is a pictorial view of most of my fall/winter sewing plans. (As it stands now!)

2 jackets. One in this purpley linen blend print from Fabricmart and one in the blue/black/red/yellow printed linen from Linda Z's. Such a beautiful mid weight to this fabric! Both will be completly fused with an underlining to eliminate wrinkles and make them wearable year round.

3 pairs of Jeans. All 3 from Silhoettes Lana jeans pattern. One was the red denim jeans, one out of this blue stretch denim and one out of a black courdoroy. (Not pictured)

2 shirts, I am lacking button down shirts. 
The first was the cotton/silk voile from Fabricmart already made into Vogue 1385
The second is this fun cotton print of dictionary of fabric/ sewing terms. I am thinking view B with the second brown floral as the front band collar and cuffs. A nice retro feel to it.

A pair of knit pants.... I'm taking a chance here but worst cae scenario I will have a new pair of jammies/lounge pants! This is a nice heavier grey heatherd ponte again from Fabricmart, I have not decided which of the 3 knit versions to try...

2 skirts, rather boring basics but needed for my work wardrobe. 
1 self drafted knit skirt out of this thick textured black knit from JoAnn's super sale.
1 Gail Patrice Stockbridge skirt out of this camel/tan colored woven from who knows where! Deep from the depths of my stash!

Two knit dresses...
Both a little different! The first one V1317 and will be made from this maroon ponte that I believe is also from FabricMart. Oh dear, dear Fabricmart, always luring me in with those darn emails and Julie club picks...
I'm not so sure how this will turn out, so, this is really going to be a wearable muslin. At 5$ Or less a yard for the fabric I have no problem with that. Besides I really need to try out a new work appropriate knit dress pattern.
The second dress is a Marci Tilton Vogue dress and will be made from dark grey jersey knit that I got from Vogue Fabrics and the contrast pieces will be from the grey/pink knit that is leftover from a maternity project for my daughter earlier this year. 

AND when all of that is done....... Or maybe in the middle....
I plan to return to pants, actually woman's slacks for work in super nice wool. I just know that is a project that will take patience and several muslins to work out the fit. I am confident it can be done! After all I mastered jeans!!

So those are my fall/winter sewing plans. Hopefully for room to through in a couple easy project a like quick to make long sleeves tees.

Do you have a plan? 
Do you have a hard time sticking to a plan? I know I sure do sometimes.... We shall see how far I make it in this plan before I loose interest in it and become inspired by another great idea or project that just cannot wait! 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I like all of your pattern choices. Happy Sewing!

  2. You're bold, girl. Hats off to ya. Fabric choices are deeahhhlish. Hope to see the finished projects.



    1. Thanks Lyric! Although I have already made one slight deviation ;)


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