Tuesday, November 5, 2013

McCall's 6796 easy knit top and other stuff!

What a great weekend I had! It ended up being busy but in that fun sort of way.
Originally I was not even supposed to be home! I was supposed to go to Kentucky for photographing at a horse show but then I had to bow out of that because of real paying job commitments. Unfortunately, this caused some drama that I will not go in to! Sufficit to say that I learned a lot about who really matters to me and who was only using me. There really was a silver lining to the unnecessary drama.

Anyway last minute the work trip was rescheduled and I had a wonderful weekend at home!!! I spent every minute of it with my family. My daughter and son-in-law came and spent the weekend and it was perfect :) I really needed a weekend like that! It looks like even Blue enjoyed the family time!!

On Friday I was able to spend several hours in the sewing room and I was super productive and Sunday evening and then again I had some time this morning before having to go back to reality. It was  great to get such good time!

And with all that time, have I managed to finish my skirt yet???? NOPE! It is so close to being done, I just need to finish the vent, insert the lining and attach the waist band. I don't know what my issue is with not getting it done! I really like the fit and the fabric. Maybe subconsciously the vent is giving me problems.... So weird!!

So what did I do instead?

I cut out and completed McCall's 6796 an easy knit top. Really a very basic top. I wanted to have a mock turtleneck in my repertoire. They are great for layering. However, I did not make that view! Instead I had some sweater knit in my stash from JoAnn's that was bought last fall/winter. And I really wanted to use it up! 

I made view d with the interesting collar and long sleeves. For the collar I used the reverse side of the sweater knit. The color and print are so loud (festive according to my hubby!) that I needed to tone it down around my face. The pink buttons are from my extensive stash of vintage/antique/thrifted buttons. They work great! 

I used fusible stabilizer strips for the neckline, shoulder seams and the hems but I somehow stupidly forgot to use it on the armholes and YUCK I got some wavering across the sleeve head. I don't think it is hugely noticeable bit is is to me! 

Since my daughter was around all weekend she played photographer and directed me for some shots. I did also wear the top to a casual get together on Sunday afternoon and I am quite pleased with it. This is a perfect addition to my cold weather wardrobe.

So.... What else did I do with all my time? 
1, I cut out the second version of the Simplicity dress 1653. This time out of a red/black and white ponte knit. This time with a sway back correction and long sleeves, this will be for a winter wedding in the Netherlands in December.

2, I embroidered the Chicago Blackhawks logo on a polo shirt for my hubby! He loves it!!

3, I cut out all the pieces for a quilt for my new niece (she should be arriving any day now!) this will also be coming with me to the Netherlands in December, so I have some time to complete it.

4, I spent some thinking about what I want to make after all the above to-do's... I sometimes get in that quandary of should I make something that simply pleases me because I want to OR should I make something that I really need that doesn't necessarily inspire me???? Decisions, decisions!

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