Friday, November 8, 2013

A trip to Vermont and me in my simplicity 1653

This week was a busy one! I had meetings in Connecticut, Massachucets and Vermont. Of course my favorite was Vermont. Something about hitting the mountains, even if they are not the big giant Rockies  they are still mountains.

While up in Vermont I got to go the original Ben and Jerry's and take their production line tour and of course I had to have some ice cream! Never mind that it was only 11:30 am.... Who says you can't have ice cream for lunch!!!!!

For my Ben and Jerry's day I am wearing Stella top and Stockbridge skirt. The top is getting a little big as I slowly (very slowly as I eat ice cream for lunch!) weight. So I put a big belt on it and it really defined my waist and I think gave me a nice silhouette. 

That afternoon I found a GIANT quilt sculpture in the main lobby of the hospital I was visiting. It was pretty cool just due to the size of it! 

I also finally got some pictures of me in my Simplicity 1653 dress :) LOVE IT!! I wore the dress last night dancing and it is wonderful, it moves great, looks great and the overlap stayed closed even when doing the swing! 

I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend!

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