Friday, December 28, 2012

The Birthday Quilt for my little brother

My younger brother moved to the Netherlands with his girlfriend this year. She is from the Netherlands and all of her family is there, she got a University position in Gronigen and my brother was game to give it a go. He has always had such an adventurous spirit!

Anyway.... I've been working on this quilt on and off since July and his birthday was December 26. I gave myself plenty of time to get it done and not rush. I wanted to give something that would remind him of home, of the outdoors and bring together his new life with his past experiences. Quite a big job for one small quilt! Quilts made with love have a way of getting the job done. ( at least I think so!)

The quilting was all done free motion on my Symphony with 3 20" large flowers surrounded by stippling.

So here are the final pictures.



Mitered corner, back.

Mitered corner, front.

Quilt label, made on my new DreamMaker.

I took the quilt to the park for an outdoor photo shoot.

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