Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

So frustrated with blogger yesterday and today.... none of my pictures will upload. pooh. Pictures to follow once I can make them work!

This year my little family and I are spending the Holidays at home. While my hubby and I have both missed seeing our families we have certainly enjoyed our cozy time together.

On Friday, with the last of my gifts sewn and wrapped, I straightened up my sewing studio, covered my machines and shut the lights. It was time for a well earned holiday break. A perfect time to enjoy my loved ones and let my creative juices replenish themselves!

My Christmas present to my family was to surprise them with 2 nights at the historic Blackstone hotel on South Michigan Ave in Chicago. Ohhhhhhhh! What a great weekend we had. We took the train downtown and then walked everywhere. It was delightful to spend the time together and just do what we wished. I gave everyone some cash to spend for themselves in anyway they pleased. My hubby bought a vintage Miles Davis record album and a cool ornament from the Krsitkringle market. My daughter bought herself a bottle of wine from a Wine/Cheese/ Chocolate bar that we stopped in for an hour or two to sample a variety of goodies! My future son in law... Well he couldn't decide what to get! Between the vintage shops record shop, the awesome used bookstore, the Christmas market and the Architecture shop.... Too many choices!

At Chicago River and In The Bean, Walked almost 9 miles on Saturday!

We had a really great dinner with friends at the Marvelous Chicago Firehouse Steakhouse restaurant! I surprised my family with our good friends meeting up with us. It was great :)

And when we got tired.... Well we just all piled
in one room at the hotel and watched movies and ate pizza! Perfect, perfect perfect weekend away and a perfect time with the family!
Christmas Eve dinner we spent at our daughters long time best friends apartment for a great dinner and Christmas Movies! Lots of wine, friends and fun!

Fast forward to right now.... I am contentedly sitting in my chair next to the Christmas tree, scents of a very yummy Christmas dinner being cooked by my hubby filling my nose, my dogs at my feet, presents unwrapped, stockings enjoyed, Skype with my family, and a nice long afternoon nap! Life should always be this good!

I got to play Santa this year and hand out the gifts from under the beautiful tree.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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