Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tabletop iron/press board

The only piece of equipment that I have been missing for a long time is a portable small press board. Something that I can use to whip out my iron and use for small projects and just quick things that don't need the full ironing board.

I did a little google search to see what ideas where floating out on the web. I had an idea in mind but wanted to see if there was something better...

I had an old piece of 1/4 inch plywood that I have used at various times for crafts. It measures about 16 x 17 inches.

How did I put it all together?

I took my supplies
- 1/4 in plywood
- an old bath towel
- some of that silver coated ironing heat shield fabric
- fashion fabric, quilting fabric from my stash
- staple gun
- Aleene's fabric bond to anything glue

I laid the towel on my table folded in half and pulled it tight and staples it to the back of the board. Trimmed it
Next put the fashion fabric face down, the ironing fabric face down and the towel covered board over it and repeated the stapling while taking some extra time to make the corners nice and neat.

I then measured the opening on the back added 2 inches, hemmed it all around and then spread glue on the wood and under the hem area and smoothed the piece on.

A super easy project that has added a very needed piece of equipment to my cutting table. Best part of all... I didn't spend a penny!!! Everything was in my stash. :)

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