Monday, July 4, 2011

Joanns 4th of July sale

Yesterday saw me making a quick detour to JoAnn Fabrics.
I just and to! They were having a great sale on Vogue patterns. 3.99$ a pattern, I just needed to stock up.

I got a total of 10 patterns.
4 for Melissa and related wedding patterns
2 for our 'SteamPunk' themed Halloween Party this year
4 for me... A couple dresses and a beach coverup

I did also find some fabric for a beach coverup. They had a great sale on the 'silkys'. 40% off plus I had an extra 10% off for the entire purchase.

I am not traveling this week and next week I have some time off so, keeping my fingers crossed I will get some time in the sewing room. My immediate plan is to straighten up my sewing room and to whip up whatever items I may need for our trip to Cancun in August. A beach coverup, a pair of linen beach pants and possibly a cotton long sleeve beach shirt. I just need relaxing resort clothes.

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!

- Steph... From my iPad

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