Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nothing getting done.

The sewing room is in disarray. I did not get to sew up one Christmas gift this year, I was pretty sad about this at first and then decided that it really was not worth beating myself up over.

What I did get done was to go through the 2 tons of scrapbooking items that Melissa and I had and found a home for quite a bit of it. Actually was able to pass about 64lbs worth of scrapbooking items on to one of my husbands cousins daughters. She is in high school and over Thanksgiving we just happened to find out about her wanting to do more scrapbooking but not having any stuff. Well I had stuff and tons of stuff to spare. 

So off went to big boxes out to Washington state for all my stuff to be enjoyed by another :)

Somehow, this got me into the phase of let's go through and clean out the sewing room. Maybe if I find new homes for some things I will be able to move around a bit and not worry about having my mountainous piles of stuff fall over and bury me alive in my room. LOL!!


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  1. I have just finished up the last of my little Christmas projects and am now faced with a sewing room that looks like World War III took place in. How did I get so much STUFF?!? LOL I don't know if I'll get to mine before the new year, but a MAJOR purge and re-organization called for! I can't work in chaos, so better for me to just buck up and organize it before attempting new projects! Good luck with yours!


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