Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes!!! Made it into the sewing room!

I finally made it into the sewing room!! I must admit that I have had a serious case of the Olympic Couch Potato Syndrome (OCPS)... hehehe and it has been fun but the call of the sewing room was strong today and I am glad for it.

I , of course, had to start out with cleaning of my work/cutting table. Things somehow gravitate to that table when it is not in use. Always such a pain but oh well...

After straightening up the room I did some work on mending that was piling up and then got to the fun stuff! I got back to work on my Bargello art quilt.

After sewing all the strips together I then sewed it into a tube and evened up the ends with a rotary cutter and a ruler. This gave me what I think resembled a large windsock.

Next step was to then take my windsock tube and cut it up into varying widths. I choose to cut my in widths that range from 1 inch to 3 inches. Then I opened the seams so that they lay flat in a pleasing configuration.

tube with uneven ends

The trimmed ends

my big 'windsock'

The tube cut up into varying widths with one seam open.
These are just laying next to each other... next step is to sew them all back together.


  1. How smart! That is the coolest thing ever! It totally makes sense now that you show how you do it, I always found myself mystified before. Thanks! C U Soon!

  2. I agree with cool is that? Wish I had time to make a quilt...


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