Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I jumped on the Jumpsuit train! The Anitra Jumpsuit by Style Sew Me

 First off I want to say I was soooo happy this past Saturday when the election was called for Biden/Harris!!

Happy Dance!!!

On a Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago my local Neighborhood Group, Sew Chicago, from the Chicago Chapter of American Sewing Guild got together for a 4 hour Zoom Sew Along. There were seven or eight of us and we started with a quick chat about what things we were each working on and then we sewed and zoomed!! Stopping periodically to chat or ask questions about something or other. It was quite fun! I decided to try this jumpsuit and I had pre-cut it out so that I could just have fun sewing and chatting!


Pattern: Anitra Jumpsuit by Style Sew Me Style Sew Me is a new to me indie pattern company that a friend mentioned to me and I decided to check out. I ordered 2 print patterns and this one PDF jumpsuit. I was very happy with the jumpsuit and there was even a YouTube tutorial to go along with the jumpsuit.

Fit Changes: None! I graded between sizes from top to bottom but certainly could have used one size smaller in the bottom. I used a large on top and XL on bottom but all large will be fine. In next version I will shorten the length about an inch or inch and a half.

Design Changes: None! I LOVE that it has pockets!!

Fabric: I wanted to use fabric from my collection but did not have enough of any one fabric for the entire thing. I used 2 different knits. The patterned knit for the top and the side back leg pieces and pockets were from an ITY border print. The leg/bottom back and front are from another mystery navy and black knit from my collection.

Both of these knits are opaque but lightweight. I would not recommend a bulky knit since there is so much gathering at the waist for the pants.

Pattern print on the fabric makes the back bodice very interesting.

Interfacing: none

Notions/Buttons/Zippers: 3/4inch elastic for the waist. I also tried to using the Coats Eloflex thread. This thread is supposed to be a ‘stretchable’ thread for knit fabrics to be used in the regular sewing machine. My machine does not seem to like this thread… It is almost like it is getting stuck in the tension discs and causes this squeaking noise!

Seam construction and seam finishes: Majority done on the serger with a 4 thread overlock stitch and a differential feed of 1.3. I changed up the directions for the gathering of the pants waist just a tiny bit. Since the seam allowance is 1 inch, I ran 2 rows of gathering stitches. One at 7/8 and one just slightly in from there. This let me gather the fabric right at the seam line and control the fullness as I sewed better. I still left the gaps at the side seams to reduce the bulk in that area.

Hem Finishes: Some of the hemming was done with a zig-zag on the regular machine and the neckline was coverstitched. I would have preferred to coverstitch the entirety of the hems but my machine is a convertible serger/coverstitch and too much of a pain to change in the middle of construction. But I am thinking there may be a way start with the coverstitch of the long leg pieces, change too serger and do all the construction and then go back to coversticth to finish the neckline and sleeve hems.  OR… just buy a coverstitch machine!! LOL!!

no wardrobe malfunctions!!!!

Overall Thoughts: I was quite surprised by how much I like this garment!! I was afraid that it would feel maybe vaguely like having too much fabric between my legs. But NOT AT ALL! I think this is because the depth of the crotch drop. It keeps the fabric from bunching.  It is very comfortable and super fun to wear!! I have worn it several times already and now thinking that maybe I can add sleeves for a more winter version. This is such a comfortable addition to my ever growing pandemic wardrobe of comfy clothes!

Happy Sewing!!

I hope everyone is staying safe! Washing hands, wearing masks, staying socially distant, no unnecessary indoor gatherings. I think it will get worse before it gets better. And to top it off my pancreas has decided to remind me that she rules the roost! Oh well, such is life with a chronic illness, never really know when it will show its ugliness.

My girls!!! The Princess and her mother!



  1. great make and great fit - and there was a lot of delight here with the election results here 'this side of the pond' in Ireland. hopefully there will now be a smooth transition

    1. Thank You! and yes, we are all hoping for a smooth transition!

  2. Very cute outfit. relieved about the election in UK also

    1. Thank You!! It's amazingly scary that he was in charge for 4 years!!

  3. Great review! You look fantastic. I can see having another one of these chic jumpsuits. I'm with you on the pandemic comfy clothes. Rhonda and I talked about adding some more to our wardrobes. Looking good, my sew sista'.

    1. Thank You Cennetta!!! Miss seeing you In Real Life!! Sew Sista' keeping it going!

  4. This looks fantastic and yes to the election win :) I see some of your hospitals are being over run with Covid patients and turning people away! Hope things stay ok with you. Sam the Aussie

    1. Thank you so much Sam The Aussie! It is getting super scary here in the US, as if it wasn't already scary enough... I hope you guys escape this second wave. Stay safe!!


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