Friday, August 14, 2020

ZOOMing through the pandemic and other online sewing fun!

As this pandemic continues to go on and on with no end in the near future, I thought it would be nice to share some of the sewing, design and fashion related things that have been keeping me going!

The biggest contributor to my staying sane throughout this great period of Sewcial Distancing has been Sarah Veblen and her twice weekly Live Video classes via zoom. Sarah started giving these in early April and has continued them ongoing. Every Tuesday and Thursday I look forward to these live zoom classes. Many of us in the classes have gotten to know each other and it sure brings a smile to my face to see them every week. SO far, I have participated in 30 of them. The great thing is that they are recorded and if you have registered for the class you get a private link to the recording. 


The photos below were taken during a class about collar design.

Sarah has done a variety of classes that range from common fitting issues to pattern work and design concepts. The format is very nice and done as part lecture and part group discussion and Q&A. I ALWAYS learn something new from these classes! I encourage you to try them out- you can find more information at

I also took a hands on 4 hour Zoom workshop with Gail Yellen on using my Coverstitch machine.. This workshop was a lot of fun and Gail was very good about sending the upfront instructions so that participants were ready to go! Gail has a 2 camera system set up and switches from seeing her or her presentation and then switches to a camera directly pointed on her machine bed so we can see exactly what is being done. Quite nifty!

The photos below show the set-up I had at my home and samples that I made in the class.

I have also been enjoying my collection of books during these months and have added 3 new ones to my sewing and design library. All 3 of these are designer books but also all have some actual technical information and pattern schematics in them. I love to see what the pattern pieces of interesting garments look like! The technical aspects of flat pattern making and draping are fascinating to me. 

I highly recommend the Charles James and Madeleine Vionnet books. The Halston is more about the designer but also a very nice addition to my library.


Madeleine Vionnet


Charles James - The Couture Secrets of Shapes



Halston - An American Original


Podcasts have also been a constant companion! I highly respect these wonderful women who take the time to make these great podcasts. These 9 podcasts are all about sewing, fashion, fashion history, design and sustainability. They are mostly made and produced by women, they deserve our support!

If you like podcasts or are interested in learning more about them I recommend these ones.

Sewing: Sewing information and interviews 

Love to Sew and (monthly Patreon Bonus episodes)


Stitch Please (Periodic Patreon bonus episodes)


Sew & Tell


Sewing with Threads


Clothes Making Mavens (these are fun but don’t drop regularly)


Fashion History:

Dressed - The History of Fashion


Sustainable Fashion:

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press


Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins




The last place and a somewhat newer space for me to use is You Tube. My biggest issue with YouTube has always been wading through all the content and finding high quality good content. It has been fun to take some time to explore and find these resources, some have been around for a while and some are new to pandemic times.

My favorite You Tube channels for sewing, fashion and design are:

The National Arts Club

Gail Yellen

The Sewing Workshop

Zoe Hong

Bernadette Banner

J Stern Designs

Plano Texas ASG

Fashion For Good

I’d love to hear back from you on what things have been helping you to survive the pandemic!

It will be a wonderful day when we can all get together again in classes, retreats, workshops, textile tours and more! Until then stay safe, practice sewcial distancing and wear a mask!

Happy Sewing!!

FaceTime kisses from the Princess :)

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