Friday, July 10, 2020

Camp Shirt # 2 - Liberty Tana Lawn

I immediately moved into a second version of the camp shirt! I was feeling smitten with the garment and it was bringing me much joy!After completing my first camp shirt as a wearable muslin I made some small changes to the pattern.


Fit changes made from first camp shirt (blogged HERE)

-     modified back neckline curve to make it softer

-     Modified overall collar length to be shorter due to small change in the back neckline

-     Modified the 2-piece sleeve outer seam so that it curves and matches the forward shoulder seam.

-     Took in the side seams for slightly more shaping without making it too fitted.


Parallel double darts

Outer seam of 2 piece sleeve curved to meet at forward shoulder seam


-     Liberty lawn purchased front the Liberty of London store when I visited there December of 2018.


Beautiful fabric , so lovely to work with and edge-stiched beautifully.


-     This fabric is the same weight as my first shirt and I was not completely happy with the interfacing. This time I switched to The Sewing Workshop Japanese Ultrasheer fusible.

-     I interfaced the front facings and BOTH upper and under collar pieces.

-     Much happier with this softer interfacing!

-     Using the stitch, flip and fuse on the front facings was a little fussier with this much softer non-woven interfacing. Still came up with a lovely finish!


Japanese Ultrasheer interfacing

Shirt inside out showing all the nicely finished insides!


-     Tagua nut buttons from my button collection, purchased from Soutache in Chicago

-     This shirt takes 5 buttons, I had 4 yellow and 1 pink. I used this as a design feature!


Construction, seams, seam finishes and hems all the same as the first camp shirt.


This shirt has the Sewing Is the Fucking Best label. These fun labels make me smile and chuckle to myself!!


I really, really love this shirt! The Liberty lawn is a dream to work with and great memories of the trip I made to London. The fit is spot on for a loose summer shirt and is very comfortable in the humid summer heat.


Once again I made a matching mask :)

Leaning over to make sure I don't have any flashing issues!

Happy Sewing!

The Princess turned 6 at the end of June and we celebrated by spending some time on the beach. She is really missing her friends (aren't we all!!) so we tried to make her day as special as we could during a pandemic!

She loves the beach and the bathing suits I made her last year still fit great!


  1. I really love everything about the shirt, starting with the Liberty, moving through those double darts and one pink button, great fit, and how great you wear it. That pool directly across from my balcony would drive me nuts. I’d be thinking about zip lines and extension ladders and all kinds of crazy ideas. It would be fine I guess as long as I didn’t get tipsy.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara!! Sometimes that pool can be very tempting! Although right now the cleaning staff kick everyone out every couple of hours and come around with canisters of who-knows-what virus eradicator and spray everything down! In my head I just picture the giant cans of weed killer... keeps my desire to zipline over low.:)


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