Friday, June 26, 2020

A crafty Birthday gift! Embroidered felt birds

A crafty blog post

Every once in a while I like to do some embroidery needle crafts. Garment sewing is my true love but I do like to just create! One area that I enjoy is doing some embroidery. I have a pillow that is an embroidery WIP for a couple of years now!! However, this time I turned to the birds!


My granddaughter just turned 6 and she really enjoys handmade items. She loves to know that someone is making something for her and doing it with their own hands. When I make her clothes she knows that I make them with love and she takes joy when she wears them. She sees many people in her family and school creating. This is something that is an important family value. I grew up that way, my daughter grew up that way and now my granddaughter is growing up that way. It is lovely!

Due to the pandemic the options were limited for birthday celebrations- we came up with the idea of a socially distant picnic with our good friend Liz in Grant Park. V loves getting together with friends of all ages and was so happy to be having a picnic in the city.

For her 6th birthday I decided to create for her 6 little birds that she could play with and enjoy. I did a google search and found this book- Folk Embroidered Felt Birds by Corinne Lapierre. I purchased my book from Nancy’s Notions and it was as a kit with a pack of very nice wool felt. You can also purchase directly from Corrine Lapierre’s website in the UK or from Amazon.

The templates or patterns are located in the back of the book but you will need to make copies to cut them out or use tracing paper to cut them out since they are layered and on both sides of the page.

Song thrush made up in purples


Modified Goldfinch- i made him double sided and added a 'breast gusset' to make him fatter.

I made 6 of the 20 birds -   Song Thrush, Blue Tit, Robin, Goldfinch, Puffin and Dove. I made a few changes. For the single sided hanging birds, I made them double sided and added legs. The directions were all very clear and worked great except for the Puffin. There seems to be a pattern piece missing and the directions were not as clear on this one. I saved him for last and just sort of made up the missing parts as I went along. SO if you get this great little book just don’t start with the puffin!!

L-R Robin, Dove, Song Thrush, Goldfinch, Puffin and Blue Tit

Each bird probably took about 6-8 hours to complete from start to finish depending on how many pieces and how much embroidery was needed.

Such joy and happiness in her smile!

Victoria really enjoyed opening these lovely little birds and I certainly enjoyed making them! I think that I will have to make some for myself J

Do you enjoy other crafts? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Sewing and Happy Crafting!


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