Friday, June 29, 2018

In The Sketchbook- June 2018 Sketching pants

Welcome to In the Sketchbook, a monthly look at fashion design sketches that we are working on for ourselves. Sketching garments on a personal croquis is a great way for the individual couture enthusiast to move beyond the use of commercial patterns and into a world of personalized design! It can be intimidating at first, but with a little bit of practice it becomes something you look forward to. Join us for a look of what we have going on In the Sketchbook! Brought to you by Wendy Grossman of Couture Counsellor and Steph King from Siouxzeegirl Designs.

oh seems that I missed posting my In The Sketchbook for the month of May! It was a very busy time and it just passed me by!

Lets just move onto June!

This month I have had pants on my mind. I finally seem to have a very good base pants pattern developed and I have been playing with different styles to build off of them. With that in mind, I spent several plane rides sketching out pants ideas and these were the best of them. I must admit that none of them are ground breaking ideas just more of testing silhouettes and some details that are good on me. I left out the ones that I would never wear, like paper bag waist or very high waisted with the intention to be seen. There are very few exceptions to where I will have the waist of my pants on public display. I am not a fan of the tucked in look for an everyday silhouette on me. The biggest exception is for work wear when I am wearing a suit then I may have a top or blouse tucked in if I have a jacket over it.

I digress! onto the sketches!
These nine looks/silhouettes are ones that I like. I either have something similar or want to try them out and see what I can come up with.

Wide/straight leg cropped- above ankle linen/cotton pants.

Pedal pushers or clam diggers with a split hem at the outer leg in linen/cotton or maybe a stretch woven.

These are quite boring but a necessity. Plain jane slacks in wool or wool blend and lined.

These are totally a throw back to the '80s! Full legged cuffed trousers!
they would need to be paired with a very modern and minimalist top to bring them into a more current trend.

Fun, chill out jeans with a flair and a color blocked hem.

Slightly cropped lantern hem pants out of a fabric with some body. a crisp cotton, taffeta or
 silk duipioni.
Not sure how I would like them but eager to find out!

Good ole Bermuda shorts! I only have 2 pairs of shorts that I wear at home or camping. I don't really have anything for normal hot summer day wear in the shorts category and these could fill that void.

These were inspired from old fashioned divided skirts that woman wore to ride horses way back in the day. When pants were down right scandalous! I like this idea as an alternate to a dress for a dressier occasion.

These are actually inspired from a ready to wear pair of pants that I own! they are great to wear in the summer made of dry -quick sporty fabric and have roll up convertible tabs. Great for the summer and taking the Princess around to the beach or park fountains. very comfortable with a knit waistband and drawstring closure.
What fun things have you been sketching?

Make sure to stop by Wendy Grossman of Couture Counsellor to see what lovely sketches and ideas she is working on. Please feel free to share your sketches and ideas with us.

Happy Sketching!!

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  1. Very nice sketches and yes, yes, yes to the roll-hem cargo pants and the lantern pants!!! And the flowy crops. :)


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