Thursday, March 23, 2017

A hidden gem of a Museum with an amazing fashion exhibit!

 If you get a chance you really need to get over to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
Much to my surprise the museum is not just all about cars! The complex is is comprised of The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation as well as Greenfield Village, Ford Rouge Factory Tour and the Big Screen Experience. You could easily spend a full day at the complex.

Somehow Wendy found out about this fashion exhibit, American Style and Spirit, that is on display until April 2, 2017. It really is such a shame that the exhibit is not going for a longer period of time! It was an amazing exhibit. Such a wonderful collection from a single family in Wisconsin. Can you imagine having such a collection plus more stored in one attic! Not only did they have clothes but journals and receipts and photos and so much more. The curator has brilliantly set this exhibit up. In my experience this rivaled any top fashion exhibit I have seen, including those at the MET in NYC.
Wendy, Liz and I at the Henry Ford Museum

If you aren't able to get to see the exhibit the catalog that goes along with it is quite more than just a collection of photo's and descriptions. It is the story of the Roddis Family from 1850 to 1995. It is a great companion to the exhibit but goes into much more depth and includes more than just what is seen in Dearborn. Here is a link to resources where you can purchase this book.

Enough of my prattle! The rest of this post is photos. I took a huge amount of photos! There are an amazing amount of details and an endless amount of inspiration!

A photo of the general layout of the left side of the exhibit.

Collection of children's clothes.
 I love how every display has photos of  the family members in the clothing.

As you can see in this picture they had photo's from the time period along with many documents. 

This was a very interesting part of the exhibit! It showed dresses that were made by the family along with notebooks detailing their sewing notes and samples.
The rest of the photos are of dresses and outfits that I either loved or details that really interested me.

Are you inspired by fashion exhibits? I know that I sure am!!

Happy Sewing!

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