Monday, January 11, 2016

My secret obsession with Doctor Who!

Well, now it is not such a secret anymore, is it?

At the end of every year I make myself a new set of pajamas/ lounge clothes.  It's a nice little tradition and makes me happy to sew up something fun and quick just for myself. 

This year I choose Doctor Who as my theme. In 2015 I spent many, many hours in the sewing room while The entire modern series of Doctor Who played on my television. That's quite a few hours of Doctor Whoisms to seep into my brain and subconscious. Before I knew it I became a genuine fan of Doctor Who! 

I started off with the fleece pants on the bottom left in the picture. I actually made these over Thanksgiving. Having just gotten out of the hospital I wanted an oversized, super comfy pair of make me feel better, lounge pants. These fit the bill! It's like having a fleecy blanket wrapped around your lower half all the time.  For these pants I used Silhouettes 3-piece yoga pants and went up a couple sizes to achieve my results. 

Then I decided I wanted a full pair of PJ's. The fleece pants are just a bit to bulky for me to wear to bed on a regular basis. I get too hot! So while in JoAnn's for the after Christmas wrapping sale I saw this fleece fabric with a smooth face and great stretch and recovery and thought ohhhhh. New Jammies!!
Hence the PJ set on the bottom right. The top,is made from my TNT long sleeve t-shirt pattern Vogue 1363 and the bottoms are my TNT leggings pattern, McCall's 6173. 
These are a ridiculously comfortable set of pajamas! Soft and fleecy inside and smooth and cool on the outside :)

And to round it all out.... A set of Tardis flannel pillowcases! How could I pass this up???

Now that I'm done with my super geekiness I can get back to my regular sewing schedule, of course while wearing some Doctor Who goodness! LOL!!

Happy 2016! I have one more garment to blog about from 2015 and then I can finally be caught up. 
I won't be doing a review of 2015... I see no need. I usually only do that when I am unsure about my plans or directions that I want to take for the next year. I already have my plans and goals so I'm good to just keep moving forward! 

My sweet granddaughter, Princess Victoria, is already 18 months old!!! Why oh why does time pass us by so quickly? 

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