Monday, August 25, 2014

Seeing red.... Red jeans that is!

Early this year I was at my local shop and saw this beautiful bolt of Red Denim. A nice high quality thicker weight denim that just jumped out at me and screamed make me into jeans!!! How could I resist?? 

All the trends of colored jeans and even print jeans are so much fun! I put this project off for a bit when I got this fabric because this was not a summer weight denim. Definitely a pair of jeans for cooler weather! This fabric has no give, none at all but with a great fit you really don't need stretch added.

Due tot he red color, I washed and dried this length of denim 3 times before even cutting out along with a color catcher just so I could get a feeling for the bleed of the red dye. This is a pair of jeans that will surely need to be washed on cold and with like colors or just by themselves. I'm okay with this and I figured it would be the case when I purchased the denim. Red is such a finicky bitchy color. 

I used my TNT pattern Silhouettes Lana Jeans and just used a smaller seam allowance since no stretch in the fabric. 

The most exciting thing about these jeans???? Other than that hot red color.... I was FINALLY able to insert that zipper fly without looking at any instructions!!! Whew! I thought that would never happen. It only took me doing 6 zip fly fronts to be able to do it properly and with no extra guidance.WOOHOOO!!!!! Go me!!! I was seriously happy about this!

Another neat thing on these jeans is the back pockets, I used an Anita Goodesign embroidered quilt design on the back pockets and it worked out even better than I expected :) it adds a great designer touch to my jeans. The front pockets were made from a paisley print poly silky from JoAnn's leftover from a project a couple years ago. 

Of course I have NO pictures of me in them. My house has been like  the plague house for the past week and a half. My hubby has the nastiest virus that just won't quit and August dog days are in full swing! It is so humid and gross outside. The windows in the house have actually been fogged up in the morning due to this disgustingly hot and humid weather. 

So, as soon as the hubby is better or I can get another photographer and the weather cools. Down just a little I will get some pics. Hmmmm, maybe I should ask for a camera remote for X-Mas...

I LOOOOVE my new red jeans :)

I suppose this means fall sewing has moved into my workroom! AND I actually have a fall sewing plan in place!! Maybe I'll share this plan or maybe I'll keep you in suspense and not put any undue pressure in my self ;) 

Now for an UGLY... BAD....

The other day I was fiddling on my work table and this lovely spider decided to scare the hell out of me!  My heart literally took off running. I reached for the closest weapon which just happened to be the hammer I was using to pound all my jeans seams flat before topstitching... And WHACK! One big rdead, squashed spider. Thank god it didn't jump at me. My hubby would have found me dead on the he floor. I have a little... Correction BIG, fear of spiders.

Now... After sharing the bad and ugly..

Here is some BEAUTFUL and SWEET!!

Princess Victoria is now 2 months old! 
And last week she had her first trip to the beach and Atlantic Ocean. 

And one last fun one to share!
One of my dogs, Blue, is IN LOVE with little V!!
She gets so excited and when you ask her "where's the baby?" She looks for her, gives her a kiss and then actually smiles at you! She does this every single time!!! So amazing and adorable. Of course Little V is just as enchanted with Blue. :)

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  1. Those jeans look fabulous. ... love the color and pocket design. Awww Ms. V is adorable.


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