Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 2014 wrap-up!

June was a great month that just flew by!!!

I did get in a little  bit of sewing but NO blogging was done. Just too much going on :)
What I did make was some nice additions to my summer wardrobe.

So just what did I make in June:
1 maxi skirt, McCall's 6966 view D
2 shirts McCall's 6703 view A and B
1 pair of short pants or maybe long shorts.... Adapted from my favorite Silhoutte Jeans patterns.
10 burp pads
10 baby washcloths, give or take a few 
1 Moby-esque baby wrap

Now for the pics :)

Maxi skirt and one top

Short pants and another top

Pants detail... No back pockets and the front pockets were made from a starfish cotton print that my mom gave me. Love it!!! So summery :)

The baby wrap and me wearing my Grandaughter. 

And of course some pictures of Victoria :) 2 weeks old today!

I also have a Vogue dress on my work table that I have been working on. It's probably 50% done. I have a big work meeting later in July and hope to have it finished for then. 

Happy sewing!

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  1. Aww, what a precious angel, so sweet--when you hold a newborn, it's like unexplainable joy.
    I love those tops too.


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