Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knee surgery # 4, an impromptu sewing studio update and No water!

Yesterday I had knee surgery number 4 on my right knee. This time they did an extensive arthroscopic procedure. I had torn/shredded meniscus/menisci on both the medial and lateral side of my right knee as well as some floating debri in the joint. 

I'm on crutches for a week and no driving (or flying) for the next six weeks! Hmmmmm, no driving for 6 weeks! Good thing I have a great big stash of fabric and notions to work from once I'm off the pain meds!  For the next couple of days I'm catching up on some tv shows. Project Runway under the Gunn, Faceoff, Bones and I think I'm going to watch the Great British Sewing Bee. I believe I can find it on YouTube. 

I have a couple new novels to read but right now reading while on pain meds makes me disoriented and sleepy. Well, everything makes me disoriented and sleepy while on pain meds!! 

My original pre surgery plan was to get a bunch of stuff cutout and ready to sew. That didn't really work out to well! Instead an impromptu sewing room makeover happened. Remember back in January when I had the pipe break in the ceiling well, this weekend the hole was patched and ceiling repaired and now my hubby is in the midst of installing track lighting for me. On top of that we purchased a new TV a big flat screen ultra HDTV of ute frontroom and the old giant TV hutch was no longer needed. So, I did a little reconstruction of it to make a fabric cabinet in my sewing studio. This workout WAY better than I was expecting!!! My hubby added shelves and lighting in the top and I love this storage space for my fashion fabric. I was using an old dresser which was good but made it hard to see all my fabrics. Now I can see everything!! Yay!! I promise to take pictures soon. The old dresser now holds my quilting fabric which works great, I folded all the fabric so that when opening the drawers you can see all the quilting fabric. 

Now to add total havoc to changes in the sewing room, changes in the front room, knee surgery our well pump decided to die on Tuesday night! UGH!!! Talk about a HUGE expense that we weren't prepared for. Imagine this, getting ready for my surgery, trying to get the house cleaned up knowing that I'm going to be on crutches and 'out of order' for the next week and go to turn on the faucet and not even a drop comes out. Lordy, everything at once!

Anyway, new water pump is installed, I'm recovering from surgery and everything else will be taken care of one thing at a time. 

Happy sewing!!

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