Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Helping with a custom made chair for a graduate class

This last week my future son-in-law, Dorian Janowicz, invaded my sewing studio with a project. He is in the last semester of his graduate work for his architecture degree. This particular class called, Motivated Portables, was a design class where the students had to design and build either a chair, table or lamp.

He decided to go for a chair. His particular design is quite creative and converts from a foot rest/ottoman type to an actual chair. During the course of the class he periodically called me up to discuss fabric types, fabric design and possible things he was thinking of doing. It was very interesting to be a sounding board to help in his creative process! In the process I also learned several new things, like using and applying seat webbing to a chair base.

The final steps of the upholstery process required him bringing the chair home to my sewing room over the holiday break and actually doing the final upholstery work. I spent time, several days!, walking him through how to make a flat pattern from measurements, how to make a muslin, refining fit and design ideas and applying snaps.

The final outcome is quite nice! I am very proud of what he was able to accomplish. The chair will be in the final gallery show for the class next weekend.

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  1. He had a great idea. People can buy two of them, and when they are home alone they can kick up the feet. When they have company, they can open up the ottoman and have a matching chair for their guest to sit in.


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