Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Sneak Peak

I have been very hard at work on a Birthday present for my daughter. Well, actually on a 2 birthday presents for my daughter.

1 of them is a sewn project that she sort of knows about, she picked out the fabrics for an Amy Butler Sweet Harmony tote. The other project is a total surprise! It is a craft project rather than a sewing project and I even had to consult my dad on a how to for part of it. I am just very glad that I have my own space, with a door, to work on these gifts.

There is a 3rd sewing project that I will do for her but only if I happen to get the time to do it. Otherwise it will just have to wait for another time or just be a 'because I love you' gift. Some would call that 'spoilied'!!

I thought I would provide you with a couple sneak peaks of Project # 2. Just to wet your appetite for more.

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