Monday, August 30, 2010

My dressform has died!

As I was happily sewing away yesterday afternoon I heard this mysterious 'sproing!" noise. Uh-oh... What was that?

I looked over towards where the noise came from and my eyes fell upon my dressform, EVERLAST. Named after the 1980's one piece exercise jumper with the big bold letters EVERLAST across the chest that I had her covered in. Sure enough, she looked a little wonky, I peeled off the cover and along with it my strategically placed padded areas and she was broken.

Oh bummer... the springs finally gave out. I suppose that I can't complain. I got her for free from a friend about 10 years ago and she has been most helpful. I have been wanting to get a nice dress form for several years now but could not really justify the expense while EVERLAST was happily standing in the corner. 

Now, I have to figure out what to replace her with! There are many options as well as many price ranges. I do know that I want to upgrade my model to something better, possibly something that is semi-custom. I would love a custom made dressform but the cost is prohibitive for me and I am not into wrapping myself up in duct tape to make my own. At least not without the guidance of either a professional or someone that has experience making them. I think it could be a massive waste of time, money and duct tape if I were to try it on my own.

The dead dress form... you can see how wonky the waist is and one of the springs in the bottom has also sprung... really is time for an upgrade.
Time to do some research. If anyone has any recommendations on dressforms I would love to hear it!

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